GTA 5 DLC Single-Player Campaign Missions Rumour Clarified

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A couple of players apparently found files sending clues about new DLC single-player campaign missions for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game "GTA 5." According to Gameranx though, these clues are likely not real.

Here's a list of missions according to slyk6 of

1.       Airport Takeover

2.       Army Snipe (Assassination)

3.       Arrest

4.       Car Blow Up

5.       Coke Chase

6.       Cop Scanning

7.       Cop Welcome

8.       Country Bank Heist

9.       Funeral

10.     Police Station Bust Out

11.     Prison Break

12.     Showroom

13.     Snitch

14.     Steal Artefact From Base

Single Player Mission Creator

1.       Car Steal 1

2.       RC - Dale 1

3.       Solomon 4 - Harrier

4.       The Band 1

5.       The Band 2

6.       The Sharmoota Job 1B

7.       The Sharmoota Job 2A - Night Stealth

8.       The Sharmoota Job 2B - High Impact

9.       The SHarmoota Job 2C - Clown Day Stealth

The Airport Takeover allows four criminals and four cops to join, while the player has to snipe an army guy in the air traffic control tower in the Army Snipe mission. The Showroom mission entails stealing vehicles and delivering them to a player's gang contact. Solomon 4 - Harrier involves planting bombs in an underground tunnel and stopping a convoy, detonating explosives to let a Harrier jet fall through the hole in the ground and steal it.

The rumour claimed that multiple assassination missions are going to be added to the "GTA 5" single-player campaign, but one of the found job descriptions may have revealed that the findings are a hoax. One mission purportedly involves setting up a Facebook account, which is nonexistent in the fictitional world of the "GTA 5." Instead, Rockstar used its own social networking Web site called "Life Invader."

Rockstar Games hasn't announced specific details about the planned DLC for the "GTA 5" single-player campaign yet, as the publisher appears to focus at adding new "GTA Online" expansions and patching up remaining glitches plaguing the video game's multi-player mode as of yet.

In previous years, Rockstar Games released two "GTA 4" major story expansions. The first of which is the DLC packs coming out nearly 1 year after the release of the fourth main installment of the "GTA" series. With "GTA 5" being launched on Sept 17, 2013, gamers may have to be patient and wait for months before they could see any official announcements about the DLC single-player campaign.

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