'GTA 5': Clues About Alien Sightings and UFO Appearances [VIDEO]

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Players are often frustrated over the unsolved mysteries of Grand Theft Auto 5 UFO appearances, alien sightings, flying sauces and jetpack rumours. What do these "clues" mean?

There is a spacecraft found hovering above mountains and concealed in skies over important landmarks. After seeing Omega in the desert, a collection of pulsing and glowing spaceship parts appear scattered around San Andreas. The trail leads to the creation of a small spacecraft, unlocking the Space Docker. It still does not explain the biggest unsolved mystery in "GTA 5" yet: what the three biggest glyphs on a map painted atop Mt. Chiliad mean.

(Source: YouTube/GlitchDLM)

A cryptic wall painting at the cable car station atop Mt. Chiliad is very intriguing. The main map is significantly similar to the chamber and shaft layout of a pyramid, which might mean an existence of a subterranean dungeon. Some smaller markers have been encrypted, but some are still unsolved mysteries such as a spaceship, cracking egg and a humanoid. The symbol matches the UFO on the wall painting at the cable car station, and on the back of the platform reads, "Come back when your story is complete."

Some players guess the Mt. Chiliad map should be laid on top of the "GTA 5" pack-in paper map to unveil important locations, but this does not produce any discernable explanation for the three glyphs.

There have been four alien sightings: under water, above sandy shores (100 percent required), above Fort Zancudo (100 percent required) and above Mt. Chiliad (100 percent required). Underground tunnels are already accessible: the road and rail tunnels between Alamo Sea and Paleto Bay, and the road tunnel under the Fort Zanduco runways. Current searches are still ongoing in Saw Mill drain grates. Some players believe that the Mt. Chiliad puzzle will unlock the "GTA" unicorn item access. The UFO hippie camp close by Sandy Shores has a trail of alien text that may reveal a code from inside the ring. There is also a UFO location revelation through exposure to black light and other cameo appearances all throughout. Michael and Trevor hallucinate with the presence of aliens several times. What could this mean?

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