GTA 5 Cheats: Infinite Money and New Mod to Sink Los Santos [VIDEO]

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Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5 is about the fast life, hustle and girls. It's one of the most popular games of 2014 in spite of being released in 2013. Since its Sept. 17, 2013 release, avid Xbox 360 and PS3 players have been logging countless of hours exploring the Los Santos open world adventure environment. A couple of keen eyed players have discovered that the game can get a little buggy. One bug ensures that gamers are able to earn infinite amounts of cash. How can you do it?

GTA Onliner says that the cheat code or bug involves GTA 5's extensive vehicle collection. "When a gamer gets an insured car impounded, he can have a mechanic send him a new car as soon as he respawns. But with the right timing, he can request his personal car, which the game believes to be the impounded car."

The car that has been impounded will then be destroyed. This allows the gamer to replace it while retaining the car that was brought to him. This duplicates the vehicle and he can sell the extra to earn cash quickly.

If you are not into exploiting bugs but are interested in tinkering with your consoles and video games, you can experiment on a super cool mod for the PS3 version of GTA 5. The mod sinks a big part of the GTA 5 world effectively. You can sink Los Santos underwater but do not be frustrated because you will be able to move around the submerged map with this mini submarine.

To get your submarine, just head to one of your vehicles or stroll over to the waves. Dive with your wetsuit on and swim over to the submarine. Watch the video below for more details. It is a helpful video that guides you on how to make a huge tsunami hit Los Santos. Keep in mind that this mod is only for PS3, which can be unfortunate to interested Xbox 360 owners. Also, remember that your PS3 should be modded in order to transfer around some files.

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