Growth in Chrome Books May Undercut Laptop Market

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Chromebooks positioned as economical option to laptops have shown healthy growth in the market place.

Run on Chrome OS, which is Google's operating system and Google's suite of applications Chromes when used with Google credentials offer the best experience.

Positive Scenario

In 2013, Chromebooks accounted for 21 percent of commercial notebook sales in business and education spaces. Leading Vendors Lenovo and HP added Chromebooks to their laptop lineups. Before that Samsung and Acer had done it. The adoption is increasing as users give a thumbs up to Google's Chrome OS that is growing functional daily.

In March 2014, Samsung released 13-inch Chromebook 2 and equipped it with a 1080p high-definition display and Samsung's top mobile processor. Samsung hopes its Chromebook can match up with a comparable Intel-powered device. Although market share of Chromebooks is still low Chromebook sales constituted one percent of all global notebook sales.

Market Awareness Up

Samsung said consumers adopt Chromebooks in a faster pace. The drop-off in retail for Chromebooks can be due to the shift in usage with smartphones and tablets becoming more powerful, and PC becoming less important for daily needs.

With Internet becoming all pervasive and devices using the cloud and no USB cables are required to talk to one another. All offline tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets and media consumption are as much on a Chromebook as it is on a PC.

Bye to Laptop

Chromebooks are now ready for mainstream adoption. This can hasten the drift away from laptops which at a basic price of $1,000 is looking redundant.

Google Plan

Google Chromebooks introduced in 2011 for the education sector have been well received. In June this year, Google announced the intent to integrate Android with Chromebook and expand Chromebooks' presence in the consumer market. The demand from consumer market will be catapulting Chromebook's share in the notebook market by at least 5 percent very soon.

Future Development

Market changes and application services developments will be driving Chromebook products. New Chromebook models with different touch panels and processor choices will boost the appeal and functionality of these products..

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