Group Weight Loss Program: How to Choose One?

Group Weight Loss Program: How to Choose One?
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A new study shows that people who took part in community-based weight loss program lost more weight than those who were trying to shed pounds on their own. The new weight-loss study out of Baylor College of Medicine studied 292 overweight and obese adults who were enrolled in six months trial (147 were in weight watchers group program and remaining were on their own). For the people who were in the Weight Watchers group, the majority were able to lose a significantly percentage of their body weight. Overall, those in the group lost 10.1 pounds on average by the end of six months, while people who weren't in the program only lost 1.3 pounds. Trevose Behavior Modification Program. Launched in 1970 by a formerly obese person and an obesity researcher, this rigorous program requires enrollees to attend weekly group sessions. They're also required to meet predetermined weight-loss goals or risk being kicked out. Run entirely by volunteers, the program is free. That hard-core approach seems to work. In one study, participants lost an average of 19 percent of their body weight in two years-much more than typical. And the study participants managed to keep that weight off. After five years, they were on average still down 17 percent from their initial weight.The question that arises next is, How to select or make a Group?

  •  A group that follows a scientifically proven approach: a program that relies on group meetings, mobile applications and online tools can help achieve better and long lasting results. In the absence on local groups you can make on-line fitness friends and exchange your daily diet and exercise progress. The study concluded, those who used two of the three methods more than half of the time lost an average of 9.5 pounds, and those using only one dropped 9.3 pounds. Women Fitness offers on-line fitness tools and local fitness friends along with a team of fitness experts to help women lose weight and keep a track of their progress. Choose a group offering support of psychologists, nutritionists or other weight-loss professionals: The attention provided by these experts may lead to greater weight loss than commercial programs. Counseling sessions by psychologist prevent slip offs. Call or invite a guest speaker who has had success on a healthy weight loss so as to educate the group with smart tips. Location, a key factor: Choose a group near to your home or engage like-minded co-workers that have the same day-to-day routine as you do, this will prevent a drop out. Smaller group for better result: Try to keep the weight loss group smaller in size- four to six people to facilitate an easy scheduling. Choose a group which has commitment towards better living rather than amount of weight lost. According to WF health experts "The goal should be to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks, which will in turn result in weight loss or weight management" Weekly Meeting, a must: Meetings once or after every two weeks help discover obstacles encountered and possible solutions to break-through. Members can alternatively host meeting, if possible in their homes and impress with healthy snacks. Work on common goals: Each member should have an individual goal, like dropping size one, eating small portion or losing 5 lbs recorded in their personal diary which they can carry to the group meeting and share it with group members. Members can help one another to achieve their goal. Members should weigh themselves and record their progress once a week. Don't be tempted to monitor your weight more often. Our body weight will have normal daily fluctuations, which are not representative of actual weight gained or lost.

• Share your Progress: Do not shy away from sharing every inch of progress. Joining on-line fitness-friends, like the one offered by Women Fitness can really help you feel focused and motivated. Above all, don't forget to keep the group atmosphere light, filled with laughter and full of celebration for every milestone along the way. Article provided by Women Fitness

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