Group Wants Odd Future Out Of Eminem’s Auckland Rapture

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Rap collective Odd Future are playing at Eminem’s Rapture in Auckland on February 15, but some people don’t want them there. Anti-sexual violence organisation Stop Demand wants the American hip-hop group to be thrown out from the concert for their “rape and murder fantasy lyrics.”

Organisation founder Denise Ritchie said that the rappers are only bringing negative influence in New Zealand, and therefore should be banned from performing at the Western Springs Stadium on Saturday.

The group said Odd Future incite fans not only through their lyrics, but their actions as well. It cited an incident in Sydney in 2013, in which Tyler the Creator, the band’s leader, abused a young Australian campaigner onstage.

“It is astonishing that in light of the nationwide outcry and soul-searching that arose over the Roast Busters’ incident and the sexual callousness of some young men towards women, Auckland Council is about to allow a group that glorifies rape and rape culture to perform n council-owned property – and at an all ages event,” Ritchie has been quoted by Fairfax NZ News as saying.

Stop Demand has also contacted Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) director Paul Brewer and Melbourne-based promoter Dainty Group’s managing director, Tim McGregor, to consider their cause.

It is urging the council to “consider its ethical, moral and social responsibilities to hold the RFA” to its legal obligation to follow the Local Government Act 2002, which states that council-controlled organisations, such as the RFA, must exhibit social responsibility by having regard to the interest of the community.

Brewer said that the promoters and the RFA are aware of the group’s concerns, and they are looking for ways to compromise.

“I do think that the particular performer they are talking about, Tyler, has moved on from the type of lyrics that have been quoted and that’s in his past. He’s not the same performer. Those lyrics are in his past.”

Rapture organisers called on Odd Future to perform at the Auckland leg of the music festival after Kendrick Lamar pulled out due to “unavoidable scheduling conflict.”

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