Grimm Season 2 Finale: David Giuntoli Dishes Nick's Thoughts and Plans about Renard

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Grimm Season 2 came back to NBC with quite an eventful episode last week. The supernatural drama moves on Friday (Mar. 15) with Detective Nick Burkhardt and Captain Sean Renard on the same side. David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, teases the viewers about the upcoming Grimm finale.

Grimm Season 2 Finale: David Giuntoli Dishes Nick’s Thoughts and Plans about Captain Renard (Credit: NBC/Tumblr)

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for those who have not seen Grimm Season 2, Episode 13: "Face Off." Stop reading if you'd rather not risk spoiling the show's surprises.

Grimm, a TV drama series based on tales from the Grimm brothers, is one of the best shows on television now. It is comparable to ABC's "Once Upon a Time" in terms of modern day take on classic tales.

Grimm Face Off: Too much information for Nick!

NBC's Grimm has become so complicated before it went on hiatus in November. In "Face Off," Nick takes in a lot of information at once, making his world spin a 360.

It's a good thing that Nick has found a BFF in Monroe. Aside from the drama with Juliette and Renard, he finds out he's been played for a fool by his boss. Renard finally transforms to half-Wesen right before Nick's eyes. And then Nick has to drink some purifying potion to rectify a situation that is putting his loved one at great risk. Meanwhile, Adalind is preggo with royal blood! David Giuntoli dishes via TV Line what's been going on in Nick's head now.

Nick, being a good cop and great guy, takes responsibility for the Juliette-Renard dalliance. "I could've simply told her, and she could have either stayed or left me... I feel so terribly for her and I'm also horribly... my ego took a beating, so I'm angry," David said, referring to his character.

David also hinted a big Adalind moment in the Season 2 finale of the fantasy procedural series. "Adalind kind of goes off in her own evil schemy world soon, and it involves me much less until - I'm sure - the end of the season where it's going to again come to some major cliffhanger," he said.

Describing his character's new relationship with Renard, David said, "We're going to have big enemies to fight and we don't necessarily like each other, but we equally need to dislike the same people. So our relationship's going to be one of those we-have-the-same-enemies relationships, but we're not friends."

Grimm Season 2 returns Friday with Episode 14: "Natural Born Wesen." Considering Adalind is pregnant, thrill is up for the series as it approaches the Season 2 finale. Scroll down for a video featuring the cast of Grimm in a fun interview.

VIDEO: GRIMM Cast Talks about the Supernatural-Procedural Series (TV Guide)


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