Grim Chance for Phil Davis' Return to AFL 2014

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The co-captain of CSW Giants, Phil Davis, is unlikely to return to AFL season 2014, following his kidney injury.

The 23-year-old Davis was seriously injured during a match against Sydney on March 15. Davis spent 13 days in Sydney's Royal Prince Hospital to undergo extensive surgery and follow-up treatment.

The day Davis was injured, it was initially thought that he had broken a rib. Later he was feeling nauseous and fainted that he had to be taken to the hospital. He spent eight days in the intensive care unit.

"It was a bit scary because the specialist said it's up there with the worst kidney damage he's ever seen, worse than car crashes," Davis said.

Initially he thought that his career was doomed with the injury. However, his condition was not life-threatening as long as there are no other complications coming along the way.

"If I had lost a kidney it would have been a serious process and I would have had to think if I wanted to play again ... But I had people around me that were telling me constantly to be positive and I tries not to think about it," Davis said.

Phil drew inspiration from the case of Tom Lonergan of Geelong, who despite losing one kidney, returned to AFL. He is slated to meet Tom in some few days.

Aiming to return to the game, Davis further confirmed that he will resume his fitness session within a fortnight.

"I should be running, doing weights swimming, basically a pre-season but no physical contact ... In Australia there hasn't been a lot of incidents (involving sportsmen and women) like this ... We had Tom Lonergan who lost his kidney, Nick Maxwell, who had just some serious busing but we don't have much information," Davis said.

"Our physios have already spoken to Collingwood about Nick Maxwell's experience, they will talk to Geelong, we'll talk to America and hopefully have a plan we can run past a specialists ... From there I've got no idea in terms of my recovery and when it will be," he further added.

Davis is keen to return to AFL this season, but everything depends upon his physical condition.

"'I'm hoping to play this again this year, but i know my health is paramount." 

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