Grey's Anatomy Season 9x05 'Beautiful Doom' Recap - Another beloved character dies

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 is determined to crush its viewers' hearts. A lot of spoilers were released on what the "Beautiful Doom" episode would be about: the intertwined lives of Meredith and Cristina, and how Meredith finally begins grieving Lexie's death. Something never came up, though. A beloved character dies in this episode.

Spoiler alert: This article may contain a shocking spoiler. Skip to the last paragraph if you have not watched "Beautiful Doom." (Don't even read the reactions on Twitter.)

Here are the highlights of Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 5: "Beautiful Doom"

1. A female cyclist gets pinned by a car. Meredith drew parallels and saw her sister needing her help. In that moment, as far as Meredith is concerned, Lexie Grey is alive again and she could save her.

2. Webber did not feel right about Meredith handling the cyclist's case. He was afraid the situation involving the incident was "too close to home." He tells Meredith, "Emotions might be clouding your judgment." Meredith thought differently.

3. Cristina stands by Thomas against her "sex friend" Parker. The old man annoyed her during the Boards, and annoyed her even more with his long surgery hours and old school techniques. And then things gradually change. She starts actually learning from him. Then she discovers he, too, was in a plane crash. There is no way he will let the old man fight any battle alone.

4. Thomas and Cristina bond over a risky surgery. He tells her how much she means to him. Moments later, he collapses and dies. Cristina is inconsolable.

5. Cristina finds her way back "home." Remember when she said she couldn't wait to leave Seattle Grace "Mercy Death?" She now realizes that tragedy strikes everywhere. So she comes back home to her person.

Grey's Anatomy Viewers React on Twitter while watching "Beautiful Doom"

You may think you survived a whole Grey's Anatomy episode without crying, but then that last minute GETS YOU. It's inevitable. - Princess Life @Princess_Lifee

"Everyone's dead." Cristina just summed up 9 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 2 words. - Haley ‏@LoveAndLonging

dr. feeny on thursday's grey's anatomy is the only real joy in my life right now #happysad - jmbg ‏@okghost

Grey's Anatomy Speculations

Now that Cristina is back in Seattle, it is time to revisit her marriage. How do you think will she start things over with Owen Hunt?

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