Grey's Anatomy Season 9: Should Alex Karev and Jo Wilson Be Together?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 should have a better storyline for one of its better actors, Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev. Since his ex-wife walked out on him, Karev never really had someone important in his life again. Earlier spoilers revealed creator series Shonda Rhimes and the writers have something planned for him this season. Will he find romance with Jo Wilson, the "prissy" intern?

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Grey's Anatomy: Karev and Wilson, The Badass and The Prissy Crybaby

(Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers for those who have not seen all Grey's Anatomy Season 9 episodes aired so far.)

Karev has been the king of the badass among the central characters since the beginning. Meredith Grey loves him like the brother she never had. Cristina Yang respects him. (Season 8 finale shows this best.) It would be great to see him in-love again, but since Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) left the series, Karev never really had someone. Now it seems the writers are pairing him with one of the new interns.

Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington, is the welcome face of Grey's Anatomy Season 9. The premiere opens to her anxious look as she is about to approach Meredith, who is now known as Medusa aka the new nazi.

Since then, Wilson has done a lot of whining and sobbing as Season 9 progressed. No less than the chief, Owen Hunt, has told her to quit crying just because she feels someone was being mean. 'Medusa was teaching you to be the best you can be,' was basically what Hunt told her. A couple of episodes later, Wilson goes crying again because Karev gave her a difficult task. She even went to Arizona Robbins to complain. (The nerve, eh!) Karev told her to grow up and stop playing victim lest she will not learn from those trying to teach her. But later in the same episode, they'd realize they were each other's blind date to Bailey's wedding. (Awkward, huh.) Fans will see next year what happens next to these characters.

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There has always been some romantic and sexual tension between Karev and Wilson. When he started calling her "princess," fans could tell where their storyline is going.

"He's constantly picking on her, he thinks that she's prissy; he thinks she's a princess and a daddy's girl, and you see a lot of tension with them working together," Luddington earlier told This reminds avid viewers of the time when Karev went out of his way to mock Izzie for being a sexy model back in college.

Karev has always wound up with girls too emotional or too needy, most of them with notable mental issues. (Remember Ava?) It would be good to see him meet someone who could hold her own. But if sobqueen Wilson is actually made of steely stuff, if she'd come around and stop playing the poor intern surrounded by mean attending, maybe there is hope for them.

Do you think Karev and Wilson would make a good couple?

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