Grey's Anatomy Season 9 'Shipper' Updates: Alex Karev-Jo Wilson, Jackson Avery-April Kepner

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9, the "Season of Romance," as series creator Shonda Rhimes describes it, is spending a significant amount of time exploring budding relationships. Alex Karev and Jo Wilson are struggling on the Friendzone. Jackson Avery and April Kepner still have some moments that indicate they may still not be completely over.

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Grey's shippers of "Jolex" and "Japril" are in for a treat in the upcoming episodes of the ABC series, as it approaches its ninth chapter finale. Here are 5 of the things fans will see as drama continues to unfold in the former Seattle Grace Hospital, now (appropriately) called Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9: 5 Moments Shippers Should Look Forward to

1. Jolex shippers will see Karev being put in a position to be close enough to Wilson's boyfriend. True colours will be revealed, and something must be done about it.

2. Japril shippers will not like a Matthew-centric subplot. April's new beau will emerge heroic in an episode, and she will be more in-love with him. She'd even let him in on a little secret.

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3. MerDer shippers will watch the couple go through an early parenthood ordeal. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd will be faced with some challenging times, but things are likely to pull them even closer together.

4. Calzona shippers have been waiting for this: Callie and Arizona back to their normal hot-ness and sexy encounters. It's really just about time.

5. Crowen shippers will find Cristina and Owen in a warmer, more mature, and more understanding relationship. Knowing how these two began, all hopes are up that they never decide to fall apart again - even outside marriage.

Meanwhile, Sarah Chalke will soon appear as a Grey's Anatomy guest star. (JD and Elliott shippers from Scrubs' days will love her in this one-off show.) Chalke plays a troubled mother looking for answers about his child's medical condition - a story that's very personal to Chalke.


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