Grey's Anatomy Season 9: Jessica Capshaw Answers Arizona Robbins Questions [SPOILERS]

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 premiere will jump in time. Will viewers catch Arizona Robbins alive? No one has given a yay or nay, but things are not looking good.

Jessica Capshaw, who brilliantly plays the role of Arizona Robbins, teases on the ninth season of the ABC heavy drama. Judging from her strict ambiguity, it seems she does not want to raise any hope for her character. Then again, she just "can't say anything."

Here is a quick look back on Grey's Anatomy spoilers so far:

1. Marc Sloan (Eric Dane) is leaving. No details on "how," but Chandra Wilson says his departure was creatively managed.

2. Creator Shonda Rhimes told fans not to keep their hopes up that there will be no follow up deaths to Lexi Grey. And there could even be more than one succeeding deaths.

3. Rhimes would not speak about what will happen to Robbins. To speak about it is to ruin it, says the show runner who has always been generous with teasers and spoilers.

It will be recalled that Rhimes shared the spoiler that "a beloved character" will die weeks before the Season 8 finale. She was quite confident that many would still be surprised when the finale airs. She was right. Now with Arizona, she may have a good reason to stay mum.

But Capshaw herself has spoken. Fans hold your breath. Read Capshaw's expressions in this interview clip from Celebuzz.

Celebuzz insists, "You must know a little bit about your character." Capshaw says, "No one's gonna be happy, I'm telling you. I can't say anything." To make matters worse, she also said:

"I have no idea what you're going to see this season. I mean I keep saying it and everyone's been giving me grief about it."

Fans know that filming for Grey's Anatomy Season 9 has started about a month ago. Many stars in the drama series have teased about what is going to happen in the series. This one says she has "no idea." Jessica Capshaw has not read any Season 9 script for Arizona Robbins, has she?

Fans will find out when the series returns to ABC on Thursday.

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