Grey's Anatomy Season 9: Guess the next 'beloved character' to die in 'SG Mercy Death'

Who are the Top 5 'Grey's' characters likely to die in 2013?
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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 will feature another death in 2013. This early, speculations are circulating among fans - Which "beloved character" will die in Seattle Grace Mercy Death, err, West, next year?

Series creator Shonda Rhimes has said in previews interviews that Grey's Season 9 is going to be a season of romance. Well, if there's death, romance is not far behind - and so are helpless sobbing and heartache. (Remember how painfully romantic was it to hear from Mark Sloan that he and Lexie Grey are soulmates?)

TV Line was first to report about another imminent death on the ABC series. Michael Ausiello wrote, "The Grim Reaper will be paying another visit in early 2013. His rumored target: A longtime (and very much beloved) character."

Take note of these words: rumor, longtime, very much beloved. The dying character may or may not be a longtime character, i.e. not necessarily someone who has been there since the pilot.

It is unthinkable for Rhimes to lose the originals: Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey, and Cristina Yang. They are the central characters, with Meredith at the very core.

Callie Torres, who first appeared towards the end of the second season, can be considered a longtime character. But would she die after going through all the recent drama with Calzona-half Arizona Robbins? That is just too cruel. No, no.

Here are the Top 5 'Grey's' characters likely to die in 2013:

5. April Kepner - Sarah Drew joined Grey's as the annoying Kepner in the earlier episodes of Season 6. She was not easy to like, but her redemption at the end of Season 7 was just remarkable.

4. Owen Hunt - Kevin McKidd was first seen in the premiere of Season 5. His death will devastate Yang and pave the way for Shepherd to be Chief of Surgery again.

3. Alex Karev - The peds' bad boy (Justin Chambers) has suffered an insane girlfriend and a cancer-fighting, runaway new wife, among many others. He has just bought a new house and trying to make sense of his life. Spoilers indicated he will have a lasting relationship this season, but could it mean the very last, actually?

2. Richard Webber - The former chief (James Pickens Jr.) may not necessarily be as "beloved" as Lexie Grey, but he is practically Meredith's father. Consider, too, that Meredith just lost her sister. He could be the next in line for the Grim Reaper.

1. Miranda Bailey - The former "nazi" (Chandra Wilson) is now known as Booty Call Bailey. When it comes to being a beloved character, this woman can easily top viewer polls. Would Bailey die in 2013?

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