Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale: 'We changed everything' - Shonda Rhimes

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale is only a couple of weeks away. And series creator Shonda Rhimes has taken back every teaser she's dished about what's coming up in May. Last year, Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan perished in an unforgettable TV tragedy. Whose fans should worry the most this time?

"In answer to your Qs: any spoilers you read about GA finale or anything I said before NO LONGER STANDS.  We (Grey's Anatomy writers) changed everything yesterday," reads Rhimes' shout-out before the Easter holiday. It is understood filming for the Grey's finale will commence shortly, and we are sleuthing for the best spoilers out there.

"I have a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it's been evolving as the season progresses," Rhimes told TVLine's Michael Ausiello back in February. "At this moment in time, I would not consider it to be a catastrophe." Rhimes was emphatic about the recent "changes" at Grey's Anatomy storylines. Should fans assume another dramatic tragedy is sweeping the characters? Let's take a quick look at the characters and predict who will be in the core of the next (expected) tragedy:

1. Meredith and Derek (Merder). Will Meredith and Derek face some serious baby/birth problems? She lost a sister, he lost his best friend. Their characters are still greatly affected by these losses, so we hope they could skip a tragedy this year.

2. Callie and Arizona (Calzona). Rumours say Callie and Arizona are safe. It's just about right for this pair. Considering the turmoil they've just gone through as a couple, they deserve a break.

3. Cristina and Owen (Crowen). They are sweeter than ever, even when they're fighting. Cristina is more affectionate now - almost in an odd, uncharacteristic way. But they still have to make some decisions about the future they each want for their lives. Owen still wants kids.

4. April and Jackson (Japril). The most recent episode showed hints of some residual feelings and an almost-kiss between Sloan's protégé (Jackson) and Lexie's frenemy (April). Sorry, Matthew and Stephanie?

5. Karev and Jo (Jolex). Karev already knows Jo is dating a cold-hearted doc. Surely, he's not just going to sit down and watch. But will a tragedy stop him from winning Jo over?

Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Karev, and Japril were the least affected by the tragic plane crash in Grey's Anatomy Season 8. Could any one of them be at the center of this year's (expected) tragic turn of events?


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