Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale: Alex Karev, Jo Wilson Definitely Happening? What is Jackson Avery Doing?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale (Part 1) is expected to slice open the love stories of the fans' favorite characters, from Alex Karev to Cristina Yang to Jackson Avery. In last week's episode, Jo Wilson runs to Karev for help.

Meanwhile, hospital owner Jackson Avery buries himself deeper into his dalliance with an intern. What is this doc thinking?

Spoiler alert: This feature contains some spoilers for those who have not seen Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 22, "Do You Believe in Magic." Read at your own risk.

Alex Karev has had it with crazy girls. Fans can understand why the guy is just done with drama. They can even forgive him for chickening out on Jo Wilson. But watch what this guy does once some d-bag beats the love of his life. Hell will break loose.

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Jo Wilson is upset over some things Karev has told her now (hopefully) ex-boyfriend. She says she wants to start anew and she just couldn't do it. Perhaps what she really wants is someone who knows where she's been and can deal with that like a man.

Cristina Yang, for her part, is obviously bracing herself for an expected break-up with Owen Hunt. The usually logic-centered Grey's Anatomy character is ready to face the fact that Owen will always want to have kids (and she won't). Even when he says he just wants her. It is not looking good for this couple. They have been to hell and back, but it really does not seem to be working out. Do they arrive at a decision in the finale?

What is Jackson Avery doing? Many viewers are convinced his thing with intern Stephanie Edwards is as empty as a void in space. It is sucking up everything that's cool about him. Back when he was still in-love with Lexie Grey, he would not be caught in a shallow relationship. Or is he actually falling in-love? That is not easy to believe considering how he looks at April Kepner. These two are definitely the new Mark Sloan and Little Grey.

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