Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: Arizona Robbins Gives ‘Second Opinion,’ Cristina Yang Returns, as Docs Talk Lawsuit

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Grey's Anatomy docs who survived the plane crash struggle with placing blame and assessing damages. But they have to do it in order to move their lawsuit forward. Meanwhile, two brilliant surgeons find their way back to Seattle Grace Mercy Death, err, West.

Spoiler alert: Missed the first run of Grey's Anatomy's latest episode? The following recap may contain mild spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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Here's what happened on the sixth episode of Grey's Anatomy, delivered in story arcs and sub-plots:

The lawsuit and the twist

A lawsuit is never simple. Often those filing the complaints are caught between difficult choices. In the case of the plane crash survivors, who do they blame for what happened? And how bad are the damages?

Callie has to determine and put it on record whether Derek could operate again. She makes a statement, and later recants. She ultimately blames Derek for not pushing her hard enough.

In the end, the lawsuit strategists realize Owen may be responsible for the crash. He was, after all, the doctor who put the hospital's surgeons on that plane. Now, how will this turn out?

The peds doctor is in: Arizona Robbins Walks in Seattle Grace for Bailey

Bailey sneakily takes Robbins' attention away from self-pity to medical drama. She pretends that she needs a "second opinion" from the peds doctor.

Robbins is now learning to walk with her prosthetic legs but she finds no reason to walk outside the apartment she shares with Callie. But when Bailey puts in the bait, she could not resist. Soon enough, she's walking the halls of Seattle Grace, starting another chapter in her life.

Thanks Bailey, Callie could not be happier right now.

Cristina Yang-Owen Hunt marriage

Cristina is still acting like her marriage to Owen Hunt is beyond repairs. She comes back to Seattle Grace acting like she never left. Owen tells her to be more sensitive to other people's feelings. Then Dr. Jeff Russell (guest star Dominic Hoffman) reveals Owen convinced him to take her as a fellow.

Of course he did, that man will always look after Yang. Is that enough for her to forgive him? Yang evades the question in her head.

For now, she and Karev will have to live under one roof.

April and Jackson: More than sex friends?

Back in Minnesota, Cristina told Meredith Dr Parker was merely her "sex friend." In Seattle, the best sex friends right now are April and Jackson. April still brings Jesus into their post-romp talks, feeling guilty one moment and then totally hormonal the next.

Things are not as complicated for Jackson. So he finally tells April she's not just a sex friend to him. Where do they go from here?

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Episode 6: In 'Second Opinion,' the lawsuit moves forward

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