Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 5 Preview: Remembering Lexie Grey

"Beautiful Doom" is the therapy Meredith needed
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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 is on a short break again, so fans could use the time to gather up some Kleenex. ABC has released a promo video, and it seems the waterworks will be on high when the series returns next week - when Meredith's grief finally explodes over the death of Lexie Grey.

Tragic Accident - Again

Next week's episode is called "Beautiful Doom." It seems Meredith Grey will be in a tragic accident scene - again.

This is the Meredith-Cristina episode that series creator has earlier promised to deliver. Other characters will be in the story, but the spotlights will be on the two besties who have survived Grey's Anatomy's worst series finales ever. Their friendship will be the core story, so a lot of poignant scenes from way back might be featured.

Remember the finale when Meredith had to use scissors to free Cristina from her wedding gown? How about the finale when Cristina had to operate at gunpoint? Most recently, Cristina went catatonic after surviving a plane crash that killed Lexie Grey, and later on, Mark Sloan.

"Seattle Grace Mercy Death" is how Cristina calls the hospital she has recently left. Obviously, she has a lot going on right now. Most important, she has to make up her mind regarding Owen Hunt. How would she arrive at a final decision?

As for Meredith, she has never let the memories of the crash control her. But she may have just shelled a volcano waiting to erupt. In the season premiere, she acts Mrs Think Positive dash We Are Fine. But next week, it seems a shadow of the old gloomy Meredith will come back. And she probably needs that. She has locked up all her feelings over her little sister's death, and those feelings have to be freed. Only then will the healing begin.

The promo clip for next week's episode is available here. You may also play the media below.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 5 Preview Video: "Beautiful Doom"

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