Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Alex Karev and Jo Wilson as the New Sloan-Lexie Grey?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 16, "This Is Why We Fight" airs Thurs (Feb. 21) and picks up from the resignation of the doctors involved in last season finale's plane crash. Meanwhile, Alex Karev is set to find ways to keep the hospital afloat, while Jo Wilson was asked to keep a secret. Whatever romance was brewing between Karev and Wilson, it may have to wait as drama continues at Seattle Grace Mercy West.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for those who have not seen the latest episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 9. Read at your own risk.

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Alex Karev, Jo Wilson: Repeating Sloan-Lexie Grey History?

Alex Karev is seeing Jo Wilson in a whole new rosy light. But Wilson does not seem to be that into him. Or perhaps Wilson was being rational about it - she simply doesn't think dating co-workers is a good idea. Interestingly, when she brought this up in a casual conversation with Karev, he points her to Shepherd and Grey who are making it work.

In "This is Why We Fight," spoilers indicate Karev will impress Wilson when he takes care of a particular patient. In the same episode, Wilson will be in tears (no, non-weepy Wilson is much cooler). In another spoiler, Heather is seen telling Jo to "not say anything." Will the interns get caught in the middle of the mess left behind by the docs who resigned to save the hospital?

If Wilson actually likes Karev and she's denying her feelings for any reason, then she'd be pulling a Lexie Grey - she'd only burst to a tearful confession in the end. But not before Karev goes looking elsewhere, hurting another girl.

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Jackson Avery and April Kepner: Just Friends?

Others in danger of following the Sloan-Grey path are Jackson Avery and April Kepner. In the last episode, they are struggling to go back to how things were - before they had sex for fun. Kepner's dating someone else, Avery is "not serious" with an intern. But didn't they develop any real feelings from their encounters last season?

But Avery will have something else to think about in "This is Why We Fight." Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) will show up to tell her son to move to Boston. In other spoiler reports, Jesse Williams has said Avery will be considering this option. Fans need not worry, though.

Grey's series creator Shonda Rhimes has said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there will be no more exits this season. "We're not going to see any cast departures," she said.

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