Grey's Anatomy Season 9: Alex Karev Gets Jealous, Jackson Avery Deals with the Big Docs [VIDEO]

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 returns next week (Mar. 14) to tackle the changes at Seattle Grace Mercy West management. Alex Karev will deal with changes, too. And Jackson Avery will play with the big docs at the board room.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 17: 'Transplant Wasteland'

Derek and Owen in a "Transplant Wasteland" still photo. The episode airs on Mar. 14. (CREDIT: ABC Grey's Anatomy)

Grey's Anatomy shippers of Karev and Jo Wilson will enjoy the upcoming episode, titled "Transplant Wasteland." Karev will struggle with bouts of jealousy as Wilson spends more time with her boyfriend. As a result, it will be weird and awkward, and romantic all at the same time.

Jackson Avery, who has just passed his oral boards will be taking care of a different board. His mom has bought him a hospital. Now Avery is out to prove that he has more than just family fortune to deserve a board seat. Viewers get ready for some ego wars. Avery will be playing with bigger docs, from Derek Shepherd to the Calzona couple - Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins.

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It is interesting that Avery and Robbins already had a decision-making conflict in the past. Avery held his own at the time, and he is likely to continue to man up and make brave decisions at the hospital's top management. How does this affect his relationship with April Kepner?

Avery may be enjoying his dalliance with an intern now. But soon, some residual feelings for Kepner will come to the surface. And he's going to deal with it, as Kepner continues to date a paramedic.

Grey's Anatomy: Why Ship Karev and Wilson?

Grey's creator and showrunner has called Season 9 a "season of romance." This is how production makes up for the tragic ending it gave to the Mark Sloan-Lexie Grey story. Romance will be at the core of Karev's character arc, as well as Avery's and the rest of the doctors. But for now, the shippers' eyes are set on Karev and Wilson. How can you not ship these two?

Wilson was perhaps the most annoying crybaby doc Grey's Anatomy viewers have ever seen. But Karev toughened her up, and she has grown to respect him. In fact, the idea that Karev and she will part ways (when they all though the hospital was closing down) was all too frightening and heavy for her. They bring out the best in each other. They make an awesome team. Karev's fans, who have been rooting for his happiness, are just too happy that romance is in the air for this obviously-getting-there-soon couple.

VIDEO: Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 17: 'Transplant Wasteland'


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