Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Casting, Spoilers: Justin Chambers (Alex) on Exit Reports and Jolex; Possible New Character Revealed

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Shonda Rhimes' long-running medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" is currently on break. The show won't be back until Sept. 2014 but fans are already getting eager to know more about its season 11. Not much is known about the next installment but here are few details related to the shows next season. Read about Justin Chambers' future on the show debunking exit rumours. Also, read on to find out more about who could be joining the cast as a new character. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains potential "Grey's Anatomy" Season 11 spoilers. Read only if you want to learn more about it.

While the show was in the midst of Season 10, rumours about Justin Chambers' departure started to swirl around. When his character Alex was keen on leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for more money, many media outlets and fans speculated that he was going to follow the footsteps of actress Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery). In the wake of Sandra Oh's exit, reports about exit of another major character panicked "Grey's Anatomy" fans. However, fans need not worry anymore. Even though Justin Chambers feels like an "old TV actor" after playing the part for almost a decade, he is going to stick around.

Justin Chambers is known for his character Alex Karev who first appeared on the show in the year 2004 when the show started.

In an interview with, Justin Chambers talked about his stint at "Grey's Anatomy."

"I feel like an old TV actor. It's been a great ride..." told Justin Chambers to the publication.

"Not many people can say in today's world that they have been part of television history for over ten seasons. I'm still excited to be there. I'm still excited to work with the people I work with. Hopefully, I will give people a good hour of TV for the next season or two," revealed Chambers.

This means that the actor is not going anywhere and will be the part of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 11 and Season 12 (if it happens).

He also revealed that Alex's romance with Jo is going to "blossom."

He noted that the two characters "complement each other" and they are going to "explore" that.

"Jo being there to help him with his father, to push him and sort of make amends with him, that's just setting an example of what's to come in the future."

The actor also hinted marriage for the couple on the show. "Now that they live together, it will explore what it's like for him to be domestic and who knows; maybe they'll get married and have kids. Anything is possible," revealed Justin Chambers.

During the press conference at the Festival of Monte Carlo, Justin Chambers addressed the issue and assured his fans that he won't be the one to leave. He said that his "situation is very different" from that of Sandra Oh.

"I am happy to be here. I want to continue until they decide to get rid of me," said Justin Chambers at the conference (via

 Meanwhile, new reports indicate a new actor is going to join the cast in "Grey's Anatomy" Season 11. It seems showrunners are already at work and are recruiting new actors to play the part of new characters. A report by Los Angeles Times hints that auditions for the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 11 are on. An actor named Robert McHalffey has auditioned for a role. It's not yet revealed if he got selected for the part or not. But fans can expect to see new characters on "Grey's Anatomy" Season 11 after Sandra Oh's exit.

Robert McHalffey is a 29-year-old actor from Cleveland. He is the son of retired mechanic who has a tattoo of buxom angel. He has worked on commercials, done theater and short films and is known for YouTube clips called "Ungodly" and "Pounce." He has also written an ebook called "The Ultimate Waiter."

Meanwhile, fans know that returning for the next installment are actors Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd), Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber). Also, fans will see Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins), Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery), Sarah Drew (April Kepner), Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson), and Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie Edwards) on season 11 of the ABC show. "Grey's Anatomy" Season 11 is set to return in the fall 2014.

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