Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Mid Season Finale Has Visitors, Beautiful Location and a Wedding in Store

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 has seen lots of ups and downs, betrayals and breakups. It's time to witness a union.  In the episodes of this season, element of drama in the show has risen and things have taken unexpected turns. As the show moves on, week after week viewers can expect the unexpected. Grey's Anatomy is soon approaching its mid-season finale. In store for the viewers is some visitors, visiting the bride-to-be April Kepner as her wedding is fast approaching and it could be a special location.  (Spoilers Ahead)

According to reports and speculations by Wetpaint, the mid season finale of Grey's Anatomy Season 10, is set up on a new location. More reports on spoilers by Wetpaint reveal that the upcoming episode seems big and all about Matthew and April Keprner.

Visitors visiting the bride are her family who will be seen on the upcoming segment, episode 11 "Man on the Moon." Family members who are visiting her are her three sisters Libby, Kimmie and Alice. They are to attend Kepner's wedding and will be by her side on her big day. The characters are being played by "Days of Our Lives" Emily Happe, "Drop Dead Diva's" Elizabeth Bond and "The Middle's" Grace Bannon. Apparently these sisters are here to assist their surgeon sister in her wedding preparations, but all don't go smoothly between the four sisters. According to the spoilers, Kepner's sisters who are here to help her will only end up annoying her.

It is also said that the cast is filming on a special location, which can be speculated to be the location of the upcoming wedding of Grey's Anatomy. As reported by Wetpaint, Arizona played by Jessica Capshaw said it is a beautiful location where they are filming an upcoming episode. According to them, the leading actress Ellen Pompeo who plays Meredith Grey has also hinted that the location has horses there. It is speculated that the location being mentioned on the tweets by the show's actors could be the place of Kepner's wedding and mid season finale. As speculated it could be a farm where Kepner lived before she joined Grey Sloan Hospital.

But would Jackson be attending the wedding of his ex-girlfriend with whom he had brief yet intense romance? In the last episode that aired on Nov. 21, it was seen that Kepner approaches Jackson and tells him that she seeks his blessings before she walks down the aisle. Following which he gives her his blessings and disinvites himself from the big day. This arouses Stephanie's suspicion. But do you think Jackson will be able to keep himself from Kepner's wedding?    

Besides a different location, visitors and a wedding there is more to witness on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 as it reaches its mid season finale. The upcoming episode airs on Dec. 5, 2013 on ABC, so before that watch out for more spoilers revealing what to expect on the show.

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