Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Jolex, Calzona, Crowen Fates Sealed; Shonda Rhimes Previews Japril [WATCH TRAILER, PHOTOS]

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 spoilers have revealed little about Jolex, Calzona, and Crowen, leaving fans with wild speculations for months. The news sites have determined a couple of things, though. Here's a look into some of these speculations, scoop from Shonda Rhimes, and the new Grey's teaser video released by ABC.

"Seal Our Fate" is the first episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premiere. Fate does come into play for the ABC medical drama. Jo and Alex (Jolex) seal their new chapter with a kiss. Callie and Arizona (Calzona) will decide on their marriage. Crowen (Cristina and Owen) begin to acknowledge what's best for them. Meanwhile, Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes reveals Jackson and April (Japril) will have an "interesting moment."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rhimes said the Grey's Anatomy writers are not necessarily "working toward the idea of (Jolex) encountering obstacles." In fact, they'll have some funny moments together. This is a relief for fans of Alex Karev, who's been waiting to see him at peace and happy for a change. (Check out the accompanying slideshow to see what Jolex fans are posting to Tumblr.)

Twitterverse: Camilla Luddington aka Jo Wilson on Grey's Anatomy

More on humour, Rhimes also said "a lot of Callie's pain is going to be played in a funny way." Some dark humour is expected, but make no mistake -- tears will fall (again).

In a separate interview, Kevin McKidd dishes his thoughts on his character, Owen Hunt. He has hinted Crowen (Cristina and Owen) breaking up is quite clear. "Maybe what she's doing here, even though it's heartbreaking, is the most loving act that she can do," McKidd said.

On top of all the Grey's Anatomy Season 10 couples, Chief Webber's life hangs in the balance. Rhimes had earlier said the viewers will see James Pickens, Jr again. But then again, the Season 10 premiere picks up where it left off - so that's a given. What's unknown is whether or not he eventually dies. Catch the U.S. 2-hour premiere on ABC on Sept. 26.

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