‘Grey's Anatomy’ Season 10 Episode 17 Spoilers: What Happens in Cristina Special ‘Do You Know?’ Cristina Makes Life Altering Decision with Owen [Video]

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In the last week's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 some doctors of Grey Sloan Hospital were treated with surprises while others were left in a shock. On his birthday, Richard received a delightful surprise and Catherine Avery paid a surprise visit to her son Jackson (Jesse Williams) and daughter-in-law April (Sarah Drew). For more, former friends Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) entered a legal battle and Jo (Camilla Luddington) finally signed the contract with Alex (Justin Chambers). And Cristina (Sandra Oh) took up a new task of setting up Owen (Kevin McKidd) with women. Picking up from where it left, "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 Episode 17 will see some doctors and patients making life altering decisions. Here is what fans can expect to see in the upcoming episode titled "Do You Know." [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains major spoilers from "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 Episode 17 titled "Do You Know." Read only if you want to know what happens in the episode before its broadcast.

Fans must prepare to bid goodbye to the beloved doctor Cristina Yang and actress Sandra Oh, it seems. "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 Episode 17 "Do You Know" is about Cristina Yang, centering on life choices she could make. The episode that revolves around Cristina seems more like a farewell to Sandra Oh who is soon leaving the long-running series.

During the episode 17 "Do You Know" Cristina is going to try to envision her future. Cristina who has always been aggressive about achieving her ambition and live life the way she wants to, will imagine two lives that she could have, based on decision she will make in the present.

According to the spoilers report from Wet Paint, Cristina foresees two life situations for her. One situation is where she imagines herself in life with Owen and the other one is probably without him. During the episode, Owen and Cristina will come together and it appears latter will reveal her final decision to the former. Both are still in love with each other and a piece of them definitely want to be together, forever. In the clip, at one point in their romantic and intense moment Owen tells Cristina "We should be together." And soon after, he asks Cristina to marry him again.

Fans know that Sandra Oh is exiting the series. Then how would her decision of being with Owen fit in the scenario? Do you think she will accept the proposal or will she say no to it? Meanwhile, one of the patients at the hospital will make a decision to live or not to live.

Hypable recently released some images from "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 Episode 17 "Do You Know." Images show Callie and Derek working together with a patient who seemed to have collapsed. Also, she can be seen helping him walk with the equipment he is wearing to support him. Click HERE to view the images as published by Hypable.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 Episode 17 "Do You Know" airs on Thursday, March 27, 2014. So don't forget to tune into ABC at 9PM ET. The episode will be followed by episode 18 titled "You Be lllin" on April 3.

Watch the promo video from "Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 Episode 17 "Do You Know," below

Video: Grey's Anatomy 10x17 Promo "Do You Know?" HD

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