Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Cast Leaving? Will Shonda Rhimes ‘Kill’ Again? Fingers Crossed for Jolex and Calzona ‘Ships! [PHOTOS]


More Grey's Anatomy Season 10 spoilers will be spreading online as the weeks progress. The writers and production team are back at work, and series creator Shonda Rhimes has happily reported on Twitter that she's back. Now, is any of the cast leaving the series on or before the next finale? Will the "beloved character killer" strike again?

Grey's Anatomy fans are keeping their fingers crossed for their respective 'ships - from Jolex to Calzona, to MerDer, Japril and Crowen. The last time Shonda and team wrote a script without knowing who's renewing their contract or not, Chyler Leigh (Lexie Grey) left the show. Eric Dane (Lexie's love, Mark Sloan) followed shortly. History could repeat itself.

Back in Season 8 finale, the contracts of the actors playing the six original characters were up. But then they all decided to stay, and those whose contracts were not in question left. Kim Raver (Teddy Altman) also left. The departure of Dr Altman seems natural. But the tragic exits of Lexie and Sloan devastated the Mcsexie shippers. She finally tells him how she really feels, and he tells her they're soulmates!

So now fans are keeping their fingers crossed for Jolex, Calzona, and Japril. Like Leigh and Dane, these actors' contracts are supposed to be safe. But with Shonda Rhimes, you'll never know.

The original cast who may or may not sign a contract renewal with Grey's Anatomy are: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), Patrick Dempsey (Derek), Sandra Oh (Cristina), Justin Chambers (Alex), Chandra Wilson (Miranda), and James Pickens, Jr (Dr Webber).

Dr Webber's life hangs in the balance in Grey's Season 9 finale. He might be the first one to go when Grey's returns for its 10th year. Pickens, however, has no projects lined up on

Sandra Oh will be seen in a comedy called "33 Liberty Lane" with director Peter Hewitt. Patrick Dempsey will be a little busier with "Wonderful Tonight," "Mission S.O.P." and (rumoured) "Enchanted 2." The rest of the original cast have calendars devoted to Grey's Anatomy.

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