Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Calzona and Crowen: Doomed Ending or Unfailing Love?

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When Grey's Anatomy returns for its Season 10 in September, some lives will change forever. Viewers know Calzona and Crowen are two of the worst-hit by the superstorm. Richard Webber, meanwhile, may be dead or alive. If he dies, the stage is being set for what could be the final season of the ABC drama.

The super storm of Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale gives Lauren Boswell the chance to be alone in a dark room with Arizona. They flirt back and forth, but it's all meaningless until something happens. Arizona does not typically dive into a huge mistake easily. But it's pitch black in the room. And it's just the two of them. Hormones rage, and judgment fails. It doesn't take long for Callie to find out something happened. Do they break-up, or do they forgive and move on -- together?

The Crowen couple has been doomed since Grey's Anatomy Season 8 - when they let a fight erupt in the middle of celebrations for Zola's birthday at the Grey-Shepherd house. Owen cheats on Cristina, she gets on a plane that he picked. They divorce. They fool around. They become each other's best friend again. And then he decides to adopt a child.

The super storm gives Cristina the opportunity to trust her surgical skills in the dark. The experience gives her some massive thrill, until she realizes that her greatest joy comes from outdoing herself in the O.R. And Owen does not, will not get this kind of excitement from being with her. But he has a shot at this joy if he were a dad. Cristina explains this to Owen. He denies she's right. But he doesn't chase after her, either. She's walking away, and he's letting her. Crowen's more doomed than Calzona.

Meanwhile, what happens to Richard Webber in Grey's Anatomy Season 10? Bailey is looking for him (to apologize, finally) so there's a chance she'd be the first to find him. If the writers kill Webber off, the drama is set for the traditional passing of the torch. The old is gone, the new ones are in charge. The heroes' guiding force passes on, the heroes are left to their own battles. Perhaps Webber's death is a necessary development for the series farewell.

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes says she and the writers are not treating Season 10 as the last season of the series. It is, however, another way of saying, 'This season could be the last one, but we'll figure it out as we go along.'

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