Grey's Anatomy Season 10: Break-ups, Addison Montgomery, and a Happy Alex Karev?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 is likely to answer several questions in its first couple of episodes: Which couple breaks up? Will Addison Montgomery pay a visit? Is there a room for forgiveness for the Calzona couple? Will Alex Karev finally have a happy chapter? The answers to these questions will set the mood of the season.

This is not yet the final chapter, series creator Shonda Rhimes said, but it is safe to assume the end is near. At least for the original cast, eh? Grey's Anatomy Season 10 faces the challenge of keeping its audience for an eventual big farewell. So the setting up for big dramatic moments continues.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 featuring Addison Montgomery?

In previous interviews, Shonda Rhimes said the Grey's Anatomy door was never shut to the character portrayed by Kate Walsh, Addison Montgomery. When the Grey's spin-off Private Practice bid farewell, Rhimes said having Addison back is not impossible.

In fact, in Private Practice, Addison grieved Mark Sloan's death perhaps as much as Derek did. She may even be the only person who can help Derek "forgive" Sloan for dying so soon. Remember the episode in which Derek tells Owen Hunt he's mad at Sloan? The scene is made heavier by the fact that no one really understands what Derek's going through. Not even Callie Torres. Much less, his wife Meredith.

Calzona Divorce, Crowen Break Up, Japril Ending?

At least three Grey's Anatomy couples are on a path to Splitsville. Calzona, the fandom couple name for Callie and Arizona, may need to spend time apart. Divorce could be in the picture to send the message that like marriage, it should not be exclusive to heterosexuals. But will Calzona go through it? They always forgive each other. They are likely to survive the superstorm incident.

Crowen, however, may be done. Really, really done. Cristina and Owen have tried marriage, divorce and post-divorce romance. They've tried to forgive, move on, do better. But at the end of the day, they are on opposite ends when it comes to how they want to spend the rest of their lives.

As for Japril, they are somewhere in the middle. Jackson may not be too enthusiastic about cancelling April's engagement with paramedic Matthew. April may have realized how much Jackson means to her a little too late. Or maybe April's question needs a little bit of a journey before it could a real answer.

Alex Karev: The Jolex Happy Ending

At the beginning of Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Alex Karev is ready to leave everything Seattle behind. Meredith is so upset by the fact that he's not even giving a proper goodbye. Slowly, Karev realizes he is family to Meredith. Towards the end of the season, he even shares a bed with Cristina Yang - just to talk about Jo Wilson. This is the best bonding Yang and Karev has had since she almost killed him during a surgery.

Things are finally looking up for Mr Bad Boy Alex Karev. Perhaps Shonda Rhimes is doing this to ruin everything, eventually. Or maybe it's just about time for him to be happy.

Fans have endless arcs and subplots to look forward to in Grey's Anatomy Season 10. Maybe checking Twitter for the cast's tweet could make the long wait easier.

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