'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10 Becomes Dark and Twisty in Episode 8 'Two Against One' [Spoilers, Video]

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"Grey's Anatomy" season 10 Halloween special was quite thrilling as the episode "Thriller" unfurled dramatic spine-chilling events at the Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. Ahead of spooky Halloween special lies lots of medical drama in the upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" season 10, episode 8 "Two Against One."

Spoilers Ahead!

According to the official spoilers' press release, things between the twisted sisters Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) are going to get heated.

Meanwhile, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) confesses to Dr Avery that he needs to be more trusting and give his second year doctors a chance to work on his patients. And April (Sarah Drew) and Mathew are about to make a decision about their relationship.

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From the promo video, one can figure that a lot is happening for the doctors at the hospital. From a conversation between Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and April, we get to know that Arizona had some "awesome" sex. Inspired by which, April decides to talk about her first time with fiancé Matthew. And in a spur of a second when she starts to talk, he throws her up against the side of the ambulance and the scene cuts there. Is it already time for the couple?

But who is Arizona having "awesome" sex with? Is it Leah, as their closeness only seems to be increasing?

On the other end, Dr Bailey (Chandra Wilson) seems upset with the return of her husband Ben (Jason George) as we witnessed in the last episode when he broke the news of quitting residency. She seems exhausted and seems to be losing her consciousness in the middle of a surgery with Jo. It seems another rough patch for Dr Bailey has begun.

With so much happening in Grey's Anatomy season 10 in this episode, it gets darker and twisty as things between the twisted sisters are only set to get worse. The fight and the awkwardness between the two intensify as there is treachery in store. Who among the two is plotting a betrayal for another?

Speaking about Calzona, Kevin McKidd, the director of this episode, has promised that things between Arizona and Callie are only going to get melodramatic. "It's really intense and really interesting. I love how [Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw] play together. And I really love working with them," Kevin McKidd, who also plays Dr Owen Hunt in that show, told WetPaint.

"Grey's Anatomy" season 10, episode 8 "Two Against One" is set to be aired on Thursday, Nov 7. Basing on these spoilers, the episode seems quite promising in bringing back the emotional drama after its Halloween special.

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