Grant Hackett Off From Rehab

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Former Olympics freestyle swimming champion Greg Hackett has been released from rehab. Hackett sought assistance to help fight addiction to sleeping pills.

Hackett initially denied his problem, but his manager and his father were persistent as they both showed their concern for his addiction on a drug named Stilnox. This drug is generally used to treat patients suffering from insomnia. Athletes are often prescribed this drug prior to a big event.

In an interview with Nine Network at Los Angeles airport, Hackett explained the issue and his coming out of the situation.

"It just gets to a situation in life where you're not coping too well, and you need to put your hand up and ask for help -- I certainly got to that situation, I feel proud of myself that I had the strength and courage to do that, because I want to have a great and happy life ahead of me ... I want to be a great father and I want to do all those things properly," Hackett said.

His experience seemed to bring a sea change in his thought after his rehabilitation for past five weeks.

"Certainly what I've learnt over the past five weeks has put me in a position to do all those things a lot better."

The former Olympics champion is still considered to be as one of the greatest distance swimmers that the world ever produced. Hackett also served as captain of the Australia swimming squad till 2008. He worked for Channel Nine network and often used to host Wide World Sports. Hackett was also the ambassador for Westpac Bank for 13 years after which he started working as an employee for the company.

Hackett seemed all perfect after his discharge from rehabilitation and hopefully, this living legend will lead a healthy life.

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