'Grand Theft Auto' Makers Believe Lindsay Lohan Sued Them For Publicity, Wants The Actress To Be Fined

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Lindsay Lohan
Actress Lindsay Lohan arrives for the presentation of the Moschino collection during its London Collections: Men show in London June 16, 2014. REUTERS/SUZANNE PLUNKETT

Lindsay Lohan's filing of lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto V backfired on her. The makers of the popular video game that the singer actress is suing not only requests the Manhattan judge to scrap the case, they also want Lindsay fined and penalized for even thinking for filing such a case against them. Apparently, the makers of the game cannot see what Lindsay Lohan is complaining about and wants to be reimbursed for the bad publicity that Lindsay's lawsuit got them.

Last month, the "Confessions of a Drama Queen" star sued manufacturer of the game, Take Two Interactive for using her image for a character named Lacey Jonas in the game without her authority. AP is now reporting that the makers of the game are now firing back.

The makers cited counterarguments to each of Lindsay's claims under her suit. First, the makers defended how Lacey Jonas was depicted. The makers claimed that the semblance between the character and Lindsay does not go beyond their hair: both of them are young blondes, that's all.

Lindsay also cited that the five-minute scene of involving Jonas is inspired from her life but the makers now sniped back that stars or Hollywood figures being chased by the media or the paparazzi is hardly experienced by Lohan alone. Anyone famous would be chased by the paparazzi after all.

Most importantly, the makers cannot see why they are being sued just because their game features a hotel that looks like Hotel Chateau Marmont of West Hollywood, where the actress once lived.  In fact, this highlighted how baseless Lindsay's claims where, according to the makers to Page Six.

"This allegation underscores the thinness of Ms. Lohan's claims: GTAV is a parody of Los Angeles, so it is unsurprising that it features similar buildings."

Because of these baseless claims, the makers are calling the case frivolous and maintained that it was done as a publicity stunt. Therefore, they believe that the case should be dismissed and the "Mean Girls" star should be tasked to reimburse the legal fees incurred by the company.

 "The complaint is a bad-faith filing and abuse of the court system and should be dismissed," Take-Two claimed.

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