Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar Confirms GTA 6, Possible Future Content

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Rockstar North are already coming up with ideas for GTA 6. Pres. Leslie Benzies announced they have about 45 years of ideas what they want to do like game expansions and DLC. Here's a list of possible future content gamers want for the next installment of GTA.

Gamers want the multiple-protagonist structure. They do not want to see anything new. Before it launches, every installment in the GTA franchise seems to  be like a better-looking version of the old game, that with a bigger world. However, having three protagonists that the player can switch anytime not only solved a lot of previous game problems but also allowed the narratives to move forward in an unexpected way. Multiple protagonists worked out so well and gamers would definitely be disappointed to see it removed in GTA 6.

Several discussions and criticisms have been made out of GTA 5's treatment to women. This has been an old problem for the franchise, having no female characters of substance. This is the time to build a game with a leading lady. GTA revolves around a machismo and male power fantasy storyline but GTA 6 might just be the time for the game to step out of its comfort zone. A narrative innovation can be made out of a female protagonist this time and with Rockstar's writing and character building talents, it could be an unparalleled experience without disrupting sales numbers and trend.

GTA has offered a variety of amazingly rendered, period-specific settings for degenerate behavior commitment. The next one can liven up the game and attract those lapsed fans who have gone tired of the modern-day crime by experimenting on a different period. It may be a futuristic sci-fi setting or a 1970s era of Black Dynamite inspired one.

Rockstar can also move the setting to Chicago or Boston, Wash. DC or it might even be more exciting if they step out of the U.S. entirely. A UK or European locale or Asian city could draw a unique story from a cultural perspective than ever.

The gamers loved Volition and the hilarious Saints Row entries and they want to see more in GTA 6 instead of the overly political and social commentary storytelling.

GTA 5 has quite moved away from realism and gamers want to bring back an enhanced concept of reality in the next one. They would also like to see new characters and even take on the role of U.S. President to battle aliens.

Gamers want a reinvented open-world structure where they don't have to go through unnecessary gameplay and just for Rockstar to bring significance back to the game concept.

How about you? What would you like to see in GTA 6?

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