Grand Theft Auto 5: Special July 4 Independence Day Content

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Rockstar Games, the company behind the popular "Grand Theft Auto" 5 game, has released a new update to celebrate July 4, American Independence Day. The additional content was made available as part of the patch 1.15 and can be redeemed by mid July.

The all new content includes two new vehicles, more than 40 new Independence Day themed clothing, two new weapons, four types of fireworks, 12 new animal masks for Vespucci Movie Masks and four new horns have been added to the Mod shop along with other content and fixes.

All the new content allows players to celebrate the July 4 Independence Day in "Grand Theft Auto" 5. The new content draws heavily from the U.S flag and players can see the red, white and blue colours in the new content. The content has been brought to the player by the game in association with Ammu-Nation.

The two new vehicles in the game are - Sovereign motorcycle and Liberator monster truck. The Sovereign motorcycle is a cruiser bike which can be accessed via Pegasus and the Liberator monster truck is an off road truck with giant tyres and can be obtained from San Andreas Super Autos. Both the vehicles are painted with the U.S flag colours.

The two weapons are - the Musket, an antique weapon and the Firework Rocket Launcher, which resembles a shoulder launched rocket launcher used by the military. Players can use 12 varieties of fireworks with different fuse lengths to mark the July 4 event.

The new "Grand Theft Auto" 5 update also features seven new properties. The new properties have been added to Dynasty 8 rolls and include locations like Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills. The new properties are said to be quite spacious for lighting up the fireworks. Players who rather wish to visit the Pleasure Pier can now ride the Ferris Whale and the Leviathan Roller Coaster.

The "Grand Theft Auto" 5 game update also includes a new On Call Matchmaking function. Players can now accept a Job Invite and continue to play the game instead of waiting for the job to begin. The update is available on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The company will also announce a 4 day Independence Day weekend event on July 3.

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