Grammy Awards 2013: Instagram Photos of Celebrities Goofing Around [PHOTOS]


The recently-held Grammy awards showed some unforgettable moments seen on its airing, but there are moments that aren't captured on TV. From before the show to the after parties, here are some Instagram photos celebrities posted in their accounts.

If there's one thing celebrities like to do aside from dressing up and going to swanky places, it's posting in their Instagram accounts. Since its launch in October 2010, the online photo sharing software that works like a social cloud has been gaining much recognition from users because of the easy-to-operate and entertaining interface. The "app" has many photo filters to choose from, allowing users to create a vintage effect with photos they snapped using their iPhones and Android phones.

A huge majority of its users are the tech-savvy type, and some celebrities like to use Instagram as a way to communicate with their fans in a more intimate way. By using Instagram, stars can allow their fans to take a peek into their private lives without the annoying paparazzi always following them around. The app works like Twitter, allowing fans to follow the stars' accounts and comment on their posts.

The Grammy's was a good chance for stars to snap away and post on their Instagram accounts so their hundreds of thousands of followers can witness backstage shots, and celebrities posing with other celebrities. 

Here are some exclusive Instagram posts from celebrities during yesterday's Grammy awards.  

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