Grammy Awards 2013: Chris Brown Snubs Standing Ovation for Frank Ocean [PHOTOS]

Justin Timberlake Trending, 'Good Girl' Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna's 'Stay' Performance


The Grammy Awards 2013 Sunday are drawing millions of spectators as the biggest names in the music industry gather to perform, receive awards, and celebrate their lucrative careers. Fans on the microblogging site Twitter are documenting the event with insights on event highlights and more!

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Grammy Awards 2013: Justin Timberlake rules Trending Topic

Justin Timberlake trending on top of #Grammys2013 was a statement, according to his fans.

laughing because #JustinUseUstream is higher then #Grammy2013 - BiebersRobot

#JustinUseUstream is trending higher than #Grammy2013 HMM I WONDER WHICH HAS MORE VIEWS LOLOL u made a big mistake grammys - JustinsAvenger

That moment when #JustinUseUstream is trending higher than #Grammy2013. Not even sorry. HAHAHA purplebieber

JLo Calls Herself a 'Good Girl' in Terms of Grammy Dress Code

Jennifer Lopez pulled an Angelina Jolie with a head-turning, leg-revealing, not exactly wardrobe- malfunction-safe dress. But she said she is playing by the rules here.

"They didn't say anything about leg! I thought I was being such a good girl! A little shoulder, a little leg," Jennifer Lopez told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. The former American Idol judge was referring to a wardrobe advisory, which begins with: "Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered."

Rihanna's Grammy 2013 Performance Draws Mixed Reactions on Twitterverse

Rihanna took the Grammy stage with her new single "Stay." Chris Brown notably gave her a standing ovation for her number, which drew mixed reviews on Twitter.

Thats a disappointing performance by Rihanna, I expected an upbeat pop song #Grammy2013 - marielle_leb

Actually this whole performance is pretty good, Rihanna's voice sounds good for once #Grammy2013 - Susie088

Can they please turn the cam to Chris Brown during Rihanna crooning 'I need you to stay...I needed saving'?! #LATISM #Grammy2013 #Grammys - THEnininsky

Frank Ocean Wins Best Urban Contemporary Album, Chris Brown Snubs Standing Ovation

Frank Ocean's Channel Orange won out against Chris Brown (Fortune) and Miguel (Kaleidoscope Dream) for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Several tweeters called out Brown for snubbing the standing ovation for Ocean.

Guess Chris missed the standing ovation memo. - KarenCivil

Congrats to @frank_ocean for winning Urban Contemporary Album. - BET

I love Frank Ocean but still believe he wouldn't have gained all this recognition had he not come out the closet - ellekayelewis

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