Grammy Award Winner Chris Brown Faces Assault Charges

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The charges for Chris Brown continues to pile up as another one is added when he punched a man on the face apparently after posing in a photo with the star and several female fans. The legal battles of the singer are still on-going when another misdemeanour assault was filed against him. Apparently, this is the second assault case filed against the hip hop singer since his first one was filed by his former girlfriend fellow Pop singer Rihanna.

The incident happened in Washington, DC, and the victim was identified as Parker Adams. Allegedly, Brown and his bodyguard Cristopher Hollosy punched Adam when he and his friend went in the photo of brown and his female fans, according to TMZ. However, a few of Brown's friend said that this was not what happened and that Adam was forcing himself into Brown's tour bus.

The court mandated rehab for the hip hop singer last November 2013 for his anger management problems after the court hearings with the case filed by Rihanna. The mandate was for him to go to a rehab facility and complete the anger management program set for 90 days. However, the singer was reportedly kicked out the center in Malibu after staying there for just two weeks inside the facility because he threw a brick at his mom's car.

He is still under probation and tries to follow the demands of the probation department to avoid jail time. A live-in anger management program was then proposed by the probation department if he is unable to attend the program in a center. He is constantly monitored and is subjected to regular drug testing.

The trial for the assault charges on the Grammy award winning singer will start on April 17, 2014. If he is found guilty of the two crimes, Brown and his bodyguard might serve time in jail. However, Brown is pleading not guilty and stands firm in his statement that he was not at fault.

Brown and Hollosy might serve time for 180 days with a $1000 fine if the trial on April will rule in favour of Adam. The victim is suing the two men for $1.5 million each as payment for the damages, according to NY Daily News.

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