Graeme Hart Richest Kiwi in NBR Rich List 2014

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New Zealand's much awaited National Business Review (NBR) Rich List of 2014 is out. The new rich list has Auckland-based billionaire Graeme Hart at the top. Hart retained his top slot this year too and added more wealth than last year. His wealth is $7 billion, up by $600 million compared to 2013.

The combined wealth of all those featured on NBR Rich list is $51.2 billion. The list of 2013 had a combined value of wealth at $47.9 billion.

According to Nevil Gibson, the editor-in-chief of National Business Review, this year has been prosperous for New Zealand and looks like an exception from rest of the world. The NBR rich list shows that most of the rich have become richer. So have others.

In the NBR list, the second position goes to Singapore-based investor Richard Chandler, while the third position is claimed by the Todd family, and at the fourth slot comes the family of Michael Erceg, late liquor baron.

As for the richest woman, the title is claimed by San Francisco-based expatriate Victoria Ransom who is placed at 36th with her $300 million. Ransom sold her social media company Wildfire to Google in 2012.

The list also features 13 newcomers.

Wealthy PM

The Prime Minister John Key has a place in the list with his $55 million and another National MP Ian McKelvie also finds a place with $50 million.

The noticeable omission from the rich list was Kim Dotcom whose wealth was hard to assess.

The NBR Rich List will put on sale from Friday.

One major highlight of the list is the debut of Josef Roberts, propelled by his business of Burgers and Red Bull. Josef boasts of $100 million in wealth. He moved his focus from energy drinks to BurgerFuel.

In an interview, Roberts described himself as a self-made man. According to him, life is enormously challenging yet exciting too. If one can overcome the fear of criticism and failure success will not be very far. It is easy to look back but it is harder to look ahead into the future. For Josef trying to do something for the future is a second nature.

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