Up for Grabs: Julia Gillard Sells Altona Home

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Australia's first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard, is putting her Altona home up for grabs. It will be open for inspection on Nov 23.

Ms Gillard's Altona home is imbibed with nostalgic ambience as this is the home she owned when she was just starting her career in the parliament. She bought the house with partner Tim Mathieson in 1988 for $140,000.

"I bought my home in Altona because I loved the seaside village feel of Pier Street and the Esplanade," Ms Gillard told the Wyndham Weekly.

"The house itself has been lovingly cared for by the first owner. Like Altona itself, our home has been renewed and modernised over the last 15 years. Nine Medford Street has been a happy place for Tim and I, full of light and often full of laughter."

At that time, residing at The Lodge seemed far stretched. In June 26, 2013, Ms Gillard was ousted by Kevin Rudd as prime minister of Australia.

A senior sales consultant with Jas Stephens, Anna Grech, was "the chosen one" to sell Ms Gillard's Altona home. Ms Grech has a four-year solid experience as a real estate agent. Ms Gillard had interviewed several agents but it was Ms Grech who was lucky to be given the opportunity.

"She made me feel very special, very at ease," Ms Grech told The Wyndham Weekly.

"She took me through the home - she gave me the guided tour - and she gave me her time and she was very very respectful."

According to Ms Grech, among the three bedrooms and two living areas at the 603-square-metre Altona home, Ms Gillard is very much attached to her kitchen and rear living room. Ms Gillard made a nice extension to the house, an area leading to a deck in the backyard.

Ms Grech however, aired her concern: "How do you price a house that's owned by the ex prime minister? All the locals, I think, know that it's Julia Gillard's house and it's a bit of an icon, and I think a lot of locals are sad. It's been a novelty for the area as well that Julia Gillard lived here; she was the first female prime minister. How can you put a price on it? We just don't know."

From the Altona home, Ms Gillard is reportedly moving with Mr Mathieson to a $1.8 million worth four-bedroom house in Adelaide nearby the beach.

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