GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013: David Beckham, Kellan Lutz, Robin Thicke, and More, Beckham Receives the Stylish Man of the Year Award

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Superstar David Beckham made his appearance during the 2013 GQ Men of the Year Awards ceremony on Thursday evening held in Berlin, Germany.

The retired soccer athlete bagged home one of the night's most prestigious award which is the Most Stylish Man of the Year award. Who could possibly take home the award? Too bad, his wife Victoria couldn't accompany him to the said event.  The 38-year-old Beckham came dressed in suit, with white shirt and a pencil tie.

All men look good in a suit, don't you think? However, what is it about Beckham that makes wearing a suit so special? Well, there is really indeed only one David Beckham, and there is no question that his style has evolved so much. Maybe his wife, Spice girl-turned-fashion-icon Victoria has helped him in developing his sense of fashion and style over the years.

"David Beckham influence fashion and represents style, like no other athlete," said the Editor-in-chief of GQ Magazine. "He has created a bridge between the world of models, design, and photographers, and the industry of world-sports, with his daring appearances and trendsetting, David has indeed brought glamour back to the male athletics" the GQ Editor-in-chief added.

Aside from Beckham, some of the hottest A-List celebrities were also in attendance for the 15th Annual GQ event. Jochen Schropp, Kellan Lutz, Kylie Minogue, Florian David Fitz, Jette Joop, Robin Thicke, and Palina Rojinski were just some of the famous personalities who came in the star-studded event. Robin Thicke and Tom Odell delighted the crowd with their amazing performances.  It was a glamourous occasion and a night full of fun, an evening dedicated to style. Thus, it only seemed fitting to invite only the most fashionable and note-worthy individuals.

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