‘Gotham’: Five Reasons Why the ‘Batman’ Series is a Major Disappointment

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Created by Bruno Heller, "Gotham" is based on the colourful characters of DC Comics which will focus on a younger version of Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne's perennial Batman ally. Director Danny Cannon is set to head the pilot episode and will serve as executive producer.

Although there is no Batman in "Gotham," Fox will include a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne as the show will open in the aftermath of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. But there is also a chance that the network could use the show as an opportunity to indirectly feature a back-story of Batman, which is now played by Ben Affleck.

But even with hype and anticipation of the upcoming series, whatculture.com listed its reason why fans have given up on the "Gotham" TV show. Here are some of the few reason why "Gotham" is going to be a major disappointment.

1. Awful Writing. Going back a couple of months ago, "Gotham's" second draft of the pilot script was leaked online and its full indications that "Batman" fans should be worry about. The idea of the pilot episode features the young Jim Gordon as he get partnered with jaded and corrupt cop Harvey Bullock as they try the solve the double of murder of Bruce's parents. According to whatculture.com, the script is full of corny gangster phrases like "loonybirds,""mopes," "sugar bunnies" and "skell hungers." The well-spoken butler Alfred Pennyworth is now replaced with cockney geezer as the script line reads: "Oi! Master Bruce! Stop playing silly buggers! Get your bloody arse down off there!"

2. Another Cop Show. The reason why "Gotham" focuses more on Jim Gordon and not on Batman himself is to keep the budget down. If the show will feature the many costumed villains of the cape crusader the show will require more budget and it looks like that the upcoming series is another cop show. Given the budget that they had, "Batman" fans are not going to get a Marvel movie every week but a cop show with no flashy special effects and cheap office sets.

3. No Colourful Villains. Joker is the famous nemesis of Jim Gordon, the reason why he teamed up with Batman. But since "Gotham" features the young Joker fans who learned to love the show have nothing to look forward to. Poison Ivy is just a kid who loves gardening, Catwoman is still a girl, Riddler is a coroner and the Penguin is still a two-bit thug.

4. Jim Gordon is Not an Interesting Character. The reason why he is supporting character in "Batman's" story is that Jim Gordon is not interesting enough as a main character. Although he is a major character in the story, but his own story as a cop will not fascinate the fans for a long time. His character become more interesting when he was promoted as a Commissioner in which Batman is already a full blown hero.

5. There is no Batman. The biggest problem of the series is the absence of the Dark Knight, the man who put Gotham on the map. But Batman and his rogues is what keeps the story interesting, and what keeps fans asking for more. The bottom line is according to the website, "Gotham can't be Gotham without Batman."

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