Got Brilliant Video Game Idea? Reply to Sweden's Call on Democreativity

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Calling all video games across the countries. Have you got a brilliant video game idea in your head that you want to pursue?

It's high time for you to respond to Sweden's call to join the country's collective effort in promoting democracy and creativity through the new variety of video games.

Dubbed as Democreativity, the country's video game campaign which was recently publicized was an outcome of the collaborative efforts of three gaming community in Sweden, namely: VisitSweden, the Sewdish Institute and Business Sweden.

The online portal contains the project brief and game suggestions for interested video gamers to follow. Video game players and makers alike are invited to submit their creative expressions and diverse perspectives beyond the headlines in mass media channels and top rating chart ratings.

According to the Democreativity Web site, the campaign revolves around the tree forces: to win or not to win, undefined characters and fantastical environment. Gamers are encouraged to generate collaborative and nonviolent ideas that promote equality.

Also, gamers also need to diversify from the usual male heroes to indeterminate characters like human feelings, toupees and even the computer cursor where people from all walks of life and races can relate.

Interested participants should also be able to connect the online media with real-life situations, including a wide array of areas in the society such as such, culture, politics and even religion. 

The Independent reported the campaign has already received over 500 video games ideas from various people across 125 countries.

Democreativity Spokesman Ellinor Irving shared: "We have made a comparison between their suggestions and the current top 100 best-selling games and, even though people haven't explicitly written it, the suggestions are quite far from games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) or Battlefield."

According to her, the game suggestions were divided into two trends and with the help of advisory board and gaming representatives, the campaign has identified many ideas with collaborative, alliance-bonding and exploratory suggestions.

All game proposals will be eventually bundled together and be made public to serve as reference for gaming enthusiasts who wanted to make a video game.

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