Gossip Girl Season 6 Finale: A Look Back Into the Last Episodes of the TV Series

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Gossip Girl Season 6 is going to bid viewers adieu Monday night via The CW network. The "one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" is retiring with the series. The series finale, Season 6 Episode 10, is called "New York, I Love You XOXO."

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Here is a quick recap of what has happened up to the Gossip Girl penultimate episode aired last week:

1. Serena begins the season as Sabrina. With another name comes another lover, who already has a 17-year old daughter in his 30s. She comes back to NYC, kind of gets engaged, and then breaks-up after her own sex scandal with Dan surfaced in a cotillion. She reunites with Dan (again), they break up (again), and she tries to leave the city (again).

2. Dan believes he's shown Serena he's not afraid of her by exposing her "daddy issues" and how it relates to her worst dating disasters. This is one guy who is trying desperately to not have a Rufus-Lily love story. In the process, he's worked with Georgina and made "friendly" ties with Bart.

3. Chuck digs far and deep into his father's murky past. Bart stops him at every turn, but Chuck calls an all out war. His father literally falls over the edge in the process. It looks like there has been a murder by accident. Horrific, considering his own father has staged such a death for him.

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4. Blair opens the season as a reluctant entrepreneur. She resorts to schemes and tricks as sits on top of her mother's design empire. Then she realizes she could win the conventional way, after all. Once that's sorted, off to help Chuck she goes. Chuck's victory over Bart would mean they can finally be together. Blair said in the last season finale that she's "all in" for Chuck. She proves exactly that this season.

5. Nate tries hard to be a respectable businessman, but he does that with fake numbers in the Spectator's books. Bart uses his mistakes against him, and he winds up in police custody. Though not for long. Now he's on a track to find and identify Gossip Girl herself again. Oh, and he's dating the daughter of Serena's ex-boyfriend.

The truth is no one has missed much during Season 6. But the series finale can't be missed come Monday night in the U.S. This is the series that you watched for no apparent logical reason. Gossip Girl dished beauty, fashion, overly exaggerated drama, Batman voice, and evil schemes that make you want to laugh or throw up. But you took it all out of guilty pleasure. The characters are funny, their stories are ridiculous; but in the end, you want to see their happy ending.

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