Gossip Girl Season 6: Blair and Chuck Wedding, Who interrupted the scene? (SPOILERS)

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Gossip Girl is drawing closer to its end each week. Wedding photos of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass have recently been released, revealing what could be the last moments of the series. But then the wedding gets interrupted. Or at least after the part where they each said 'I do.' Who figured in the scene?

But first -- get to know the witnesses to the Waldorf-Bass nuptials. BuzzSugar released some lovely photos.

Serena is positively ecstatic. She's got a bouquet in one hand and a mobile phone camera in the other. Lonely Boy Dan looks on with a happy kind of sad vibe going on. Nate and Jack Bass go for a round of celebratory applause. And also, there is a hint of quiet happiness in the eyes of - wait for it - Georgina Sparks!

The ever beloved Dorota is in one of the pictures, too. A tiny vertical part of someone who looks like Lily is also in one of the pictures.

In another one of the spoiler photos, Chuck is seen looking upset. Someone seems to have crashed the wedding. Next picture shows -- uh-oh, troubled wedding too soon? But what - no, who could have brought this trouble? Could it be one or two of those in the wedding photos?

Gossip Girl: A farewell wedding at the series finale?

Prior to the release of the photos, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has reported Leighton Meester (Blair) and Blake Lively (Serena) were spotted filming a scene at Central Park.

Apparently, the scenes are part of what could be the final episode of Gossip Girl. Meester was then wearing an intricately designed gorgeous blue gown, which is actually her character's wedding dress.

Serena and Dan ties the knot, too -- Gossip Girl Finale Dream Sequence or For Real? 

Just a day after photos of the Blair and Chuck wedding made the internet rounds, photos of Serena and Dan getting married also surfaced. Serena looks vibrant in a white wedding gown with shades of gold.

Fans were quick to guess "dream sequence" considering how things stand between Dan and Serena by the second episode (aired this week) of the final season. Then again, there could be a flash forward somewhere in the season's short future.

There are only eight more episodes to go before Gossip Girl bids final adieu to the Upper East siders. Fans who have watched the series from the beginning will miss hearing the infamous still-mysterious character say, "Gossip Girl here."

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