Gossip Girl Identity Revealed, Five Kinds of GG Finale Viewers on Twitter #xoxogossipgirl

Gossip Girl actually does make sense -- here's why
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As the Gossip Girl finale ran Monday night on The CW, the series title and #xoxogossipgirl became trending topics on Twitter. Gossip Girl's identity has finally been revealed, and so are five kinds of GG tweeters.

SPOILER ALERT: This feature contains spoilers for those who have managed to skip the big reveal on Gossip Girl's identity.

Gossip Girl Series Finale Twitterverse: Reactions to Final Episode is Monday's Trending Topic

Gossip Girl ran for six years in U.S. television. The series was both a young girl's fashion and fiction entertainment magazine and a young woman's guilty pleasure. Now that the last fix has been served, mixed reactions were expressed via Twitter. So, which character is GG? Find out in the tweets below.

Here are the Five Kinds of Gossip Girl Tweeters:

5. The late followers. They will never enjoy the guessing game that was part of the fun in watching the series.

Great I'm only in season two & now I know who gossip girl is! - Taylor Kemp ‏@tayloor_rose

Gossip Girl, "your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite," has finally revealed its titular hero.

4. The spoilers/teasers. They're the ones who had the best Gossip Girl experience - when anyone could be "it," but no one could confirm. And some of them will forever brag about this.

People are mad at me for spoiling Gossip Girl haha. Oh yeah, 'cause nobody else live tweets. Please. Get off the Internet, then. - ‏@JanoskiansCraze

did we just find out who gossip girl is?? i was expecting a little more drama... - ‏@dannifred

3. The benders. Just when everyone's all too serious in anticipating the big reveal, they give a hilarious one-liner. (And promote another show while doing so.)

Oh my god I can't believe Gossip Girl turned out to be Ted Mosby's wife. - @weinmanj

2. The nostalgics. They've seen it all from the beginning, and the journey down memory lane is making them sentimental and perhaps a bit choked up.

There's something comforting about watching Gossip Girl for the first time in 2 years & nothing has changed. #vanessa - @melsanie

The only thing that has me shocked about gossip girl is the fact that i started watching it when I was 12.... - ‏@amandita94

1. The songcrazed. For them, the music matters just as much as the latest Gossip Girl scoop.

Remember when Gossip Girl used to make songs hits, not, like, use hit songs five months after they've been played out? - ‏@tbrick2

perfect song choice, props to you gossip girl. props to you. - ‏@SassyGirlsProbs

Gossip Girl finale reveals Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl. (He calls himself Lonely Boy, eh?) But here's why the character makes sense as the titular hero: he is "your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite." Having a 'Gossip Girl' and a writer who writes books about Chuck, Blair, Serena, and Nate would mean there are two sources.

So, how do you feel about the big Gossip Girl reveal - surprised or disappointed?

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