From 'Gossip Girl' to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Film: Chace Crawford VS Ed Westwick [PHOTOS]


Fans continue to be hyped on "Fifty Shades of Grey" film news. So much so that even polls continue to rule "Fifty Shades" forums on whom among Hollywood's hottest are fit to play the elusive Mr. Christian Grey.  Surprisingly, even "Gossip Girl" stars, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford have made it to the potential actor list for Christian Grey.

Universal Studios may have secured the rights to the film adaptation but shooting the film is still a long way from schedule. With a director still not seated, all fans can do is nominate Hollywood actors worthy of playing the role of Christian Grey.

The BDSM-filled novels have definitely taken the world by storm that almost everyone in Hollywood who expresses a certain sexual aura is immediately considered for Grey. In fact, two new names have surprisingly made it to the list as the potential 27-year old entrepreneur.

"Fifty Shades" fans have welcomed "Gossip Girls" two hottest hunks, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford to the world of S&M. After showing off their sensual moves on Blair Waldorf in the highly-acclaimed television series, actors Ed and Chace are ready to prove they can do more with Anastasia Steele.

Chace Crawford had expressed interest on playing Christian Grey. In fact, in an interview, Crawford talked about the possibilities of "shaking things up" for the film.

"I would love the challenge ... I know that it is risque, and to be honest, anything to shake up from the way I have been going would be good," stated Crawford, adding, "Hey, if they ask me to come and read, I would definitely do so."

Sadomasochism, as widely explained in the books, don't seem to pose a problem for the actor. Crawford had even managed to joke about all the S&M scenes if he'd get to have the role.

"I am only comfortable with S&M sex scenes!" joked Crawford. "The other ones are just too simple and boring for me ... I actually think, whether it is a sex scene, or screaming at something to get something across, I think it is kind of attacked the same way, and you're in the work mode, and you stay professional. It has never been awkward or intimidating to me," continued Chace.

Another "Gossip Girl" star making waves on online polls is Ed Westwick. Despite not being a household name, Westwick managed to pull through the polls with 43% of the votes. The number is barely enough to beat top contender Matt Bomer but it still works magic for Westwick's ranking.

Of course, not all "Fifty Shades" fans agree that these "Gossip Girl" stars should be part of the film. Still, with all the possibilities, who would play Christian Grey better: Chace Crawford or Ed Westwick?

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