Gosling Gaga: Selena Gomez Admits Crush on Hollywood's Hottest Ryan Gosling [PHOTOS]


Ryan Gosling is every woman's desire and it's not questionable given he's been gifted with drool-worthy abs and an awesome personality. Surprisingly, even former Disney star, Selena Gomez finds Gosling immensely attractive. In a Twitter spree, the 20-year old singer admitted to having a huge "man crush" on the former Hollywood's hottest man alive.

A lot of women in and out of Hollywood agree that Ryan Gosling is still the hottest man alive no matter what other tabloids say. Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth may be equally drool-worthy but nothing beats Gosling's hard-earned abs. For one, Eva Mendes is truly a lucky girl for having captured the heart of this hunk which leaves other girls' vying for him to search somewhere else.

If Mendes and Gosling however split in the near future, Gosling may find an immediate replacement for Mendes in Selena Gomez. The 20-year old singer admitted to having a huge crush on the actor via Twitter. It all started when a fan had asked about who else Selena was crushing on. "Selenators" know Selena has a crush on former Disney star, Shia LaBeouf.

 "@selenagomez do you have a "man crush" for someone else besides Shia? Lol #askselena 11," tweeted the fan with the Twitter handle, @weheartgomez_.

Of course, the Latina beauty happily replied with her answer, "Ryan Gosling." Selena Gomez is one other name added to the long list of actresses crushing on the "Drive" actor. Fans may also recall that a few months ago, Anna Kendrick tweeted about her inappropriate love for Ryan Gosling.

Along with Anna Kendrick and Selena Gomez, even Martha Stewart had admitted to crushing on the actor. Obviously, no one would blame them for their exquisite taste. "Selenators" can only hope that Ryan Gosling would notice Selena Gomez and her expression of love.

Check out the slideshow to see more of this drool-worthy actor, Ryan Gosling.

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