Google’s 'Voice Search' Feature Now Available for All Chrome Users; 'Undo Tab Close' Option Added

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Google Inc's hands-free "OK Google" voice search is now part of the latest release of the Chrome browser i.e. version 35. The search giant introduced this feature via its official Google+ post on Wednesday.

Apple is the pioneer in introducing the hands-free assistance concept in smartphones with the help of Siri. Nevertheless, this virtual personal assistant is not without its flaws. The other competitors for Siri include Google Now and the recently unveiled Microsoft's sophisticated Cortana.

'Voice Search' Option

It is worth noting that, the search giant released a Chrome browser plugin for OS X and Windows towards the end of 2013. This plugin brought in the capability to perform hands-free Google search by speaking the now-famous wordage "OK Google" to But now the company went ahead and added this feature as an in-built option for Chrome browser users.

This 'search by voice' option is being rolled out to all the Chrome users who are using the latest version of Chrome browser in their devices, says Google. This update will be rolled out to 'English (U.S.)' users on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux.

The hand-free voice search option in Google Chrome will allow users to perform search with the help of the 'OK Google' voice command, followed by a search string or a query. Other than searching for answers, users can also set timers and add reminders, among others. The official post also gave a glimpse of how to perform a voice search using the hand-free 'Ok Google' option.

To enable this option, open and click on the 'microphone' icon to the right of the search box, and then click on "Enable Ok Google."

To perform voice search:  Speak out, "Ok Google, What is Googolplex?"

To set a timer: Say "Ok Google, set a timer for 15 minutes."

'Undo Tab Close' Option

Other than this voice search feature, the new Chrome 35 for Android also brought in the much-required and most-missed feature 'Undo Tab Close'. In addition, Google's change log lists full-screen video with subtitles, HTML5 controls, support for multi-window devices, and other bug fixes as part of the release. Also note, this update bundled in Chrome 35.0.1916.122 version is now available in Google Play Store.

Interested readers can download the Chrome app from Google Play

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