Google’s Nexus 4 is Secretly LTE-Capable in Selected U.S., Canadian Spots

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Deeper probes of the Nexus 4 revealed that in specific cases and locations the Google smartphone is able to access LTE networks in the United States and Canada, numerous blog reports said.

Those intrepid developers from XDA unlocked this hidden Nexus 4 feature, apparently thanks to an embedded LTE chip that was left attached to the Nexus 4 main board by LG when it agreed to manufacture the handset exclusively for Google.

Note that the basic structure of the Google smartphone was wholly based by LG on its high-end handset - the Optimus G.

This function was designed 'to simply sleep' for the life of the hit gadget but users willing to poke enough should discover that Nexus 4, apart from connecting on 3G and HSPA+ networks, can also access LTE via these AT&T spectrums in the United States: AWS 1700 and 2100MHz.

According to Android Police, residents in these U.S. cities with Nexus 4 on their hands can enjoy super-fast wireless connection: Phoenix, Raleigh, San Juan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Chicago and Charlotte.

They need, however, to prompt the connection by pulling up the Phone Information menu on the screen.

For easy access of this function, Nexus 4 owners need to key-in the following on the phone dialler: *--4636--*. And just to be sure, it is advisable to manually configure the 4G LTE APN, according to XDA Developers.

However, there is no solid assurance that even when located in the areas mentioned above and your Nexus 4 is all set up, you'll be surfing your way to speedy broadband connection.

This is basically driving your Nexus 4 on uncharted territories, which you will be doing at your own risk. But maybe, you'll gain some benefits.

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