Google's New Android Version Offers More Battery Life

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The upcoming version of Google's Android will extremely be energy-efficient offering longer battery life.

A slew of developers who had access to the new software reported the battery will be superb. The ones like Ron Amadeo at Ars Technica praise how Google's new battery saver initiatives are working fine.

Project Volta

In this new Android OS Google has packed Project Volta, which will allow developers to plug energy leaks as and when they will occur and holes can be patched after duly identifying specific problems which may be attributed to the individual app than the OS.


Transparency issue gives the developers more control in supporting battery life. As far as users are concerned, battery saver mode will conserve power a lot and the usage will be extended by at least 90 minutes. The boost to battery life comes with tools like battery stat tracker Battery Historian and many of its application programming interfaces. They cut down leakage amazingly. 

Battery Test

In the battery test, Amadao flashed a Nexus 5 to Android 4.4.4, the latest version of KitKat. Yet, he flashed the same device to run Android L and ran the same test. Flashing is a way of reprogramming a phone's software. In Nexus 5, the battery lasted for 471 minutes while being at Android L compared to 345 minutes of KitKat. That showed a 35 percent increase in the battery life.

Energy Guzzlers

Android smartphones are powerful but battery life can weaken. Several factors play in reducing the gadget endurance. Thinner designs curtail the room for batteries. Also the brighter screens, faster processors and GPS radios drain the power. The transition from 3G to 4G also took its toll.

Save Power

Some tips can control the flow of juice from your Android device.

Turn unnecessary hardware radios off

If your phone has a power control widget, use it to turn on/off GPS, Wi-Fi and LTE.

Trim apps

From Settings > Apps stop apps not required in the background all the time.

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