Google's Most Popular Women of 2012: From Selena Gomez to Emma Watson [PHOTOS]

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Google just released their "Most Popular Women On The Web 2012." How did they come up with such list? Find out here plus who made it to the top.

"Our editors came up with a massive list of over 300 female actresses, politicians, singers and public figures. On November 26th, 2012 we searched each name in quotes (i.e. "Lady Gaga") with safe search off in Google. We then marked down the number of results and reported them to you," explains

Landing on the Top 50 spot is one of the Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens. Some might be surprised thinking the top notches would probably be Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. In at the number 10th spot is the ex-wife of Russell Brand, Katy Perry.

Next up in the 9th spot is the sexy ass Latina, Jennifer Lopez. Despite being in her late 40's, the American Idol judge is still "searchable," maybe because of her steaming hot performances, lame love life and her sexy ass.

For sure, people will be surprised to learn that Taylor Swift is on the list. Well, some might be fans but some are simply in the search to know Taylor's next victim. Whatever the reasons, the country crooner landed on the 8th spot of this list.

Despite being in GQ's least influential people of 2012, Madonna took the 7th spot of being the most popular women in the web. Maybe her wanna-be teenager style made her popular. Make it stop or keep it up?

Before Madonna, the soon-to-be-mommy, Adele landed on the 6th place. Obviously, Adele landed on the list all thanks to her wonderful voice.

Britney Spears landed on the 5th place. 2012 has been a rollercoaster ride for Britney Spears and has been since she met Kevin Federline. Yet, by the looks of it, Spears is now is having a good time.

Landing on the 4th place is Lady Gaga. Fans all know her wild collection of outfist and anti-Christ songs - are a few reasons why she is famous.

3rd place goes to Cher which is a bit shocking but despite of being in the "less public scene," Cher made it in the top 3, thanks to all her fans.2nd place is Rihanna however it is a bit surprising that she's not number  1.

 Dethroning Lady Gaga is Lana Del Rey - of who had no place on last year's list. Check out who else made it on to the list by clicking on the slideshow.

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