Google's 'Android OS' To Undergo Major Redesign; 'Quantum Paper' Design to Unify Google Products and Services


The annual Google I/O event is scheduled for June 25, 2014. In the meantime, Google is rumored to be working on a complete redesign of its 'L' version of Android operating system. The redesign is being compared to the tremendous changes Apple's iOS 7 went through.

According Android Police, the search giant is planning to unify/integrate the design aspects across Android apps and services. It is worth noting that, in order to extract the best out of any operating, the apps and services must follow a similar design for consistent and seamless performance.

This major unification would affect all products and services across platforms and this project is dubbed as 'Quantum Paper.' The search giant is banking on Quantum Paper to provide consistent interface and user experience to customer, irrespective of the device or the platform from which they are connecting to Google's services.

In a nutshell, Google's Quantum Paper can be defined as an integrated design framework to produce consistent user experience, independent of the platform or the device. As much as the concept sounds complicated, the intention is to simplify the overall look and feel. Also, Quantum Paper is Google's ambitious project to bring together the designs of visual, navigation, and interaction across all platforms. This includes web, Android, and iOS, says Android Police.

In addition, the new Quantum Paper design language/tools will also be available to developers. In turn, developers will be encouraged to integrate the newly introduced aspects with their apps. According to Android Police, the Quantum Paper is based on Google's Polymer design concept introduced in Google I/O 2013. The foundation of the Polymer design concept is to design responsive websites by utilizing predefined and modifiable building blocks.

The new Quantum Paper design will reportedly bundle new visual design, brand new buttons, new interaction elements that would be consistent across devices.

Even though there is no information available on the release date of Android 'L' version, Android Police expects the Quantum on Android to be rolled out in phases to Google's products and services. The new design will first hit the Google+ service and it will be spread to other connected services eventually.

Interested readers can check out the radically redesigned Gmail image by heading to Android Police.

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