Google Updates: Google Play 4.4 Changes for Devs, Google Drive’s Sheets and Docs Apps, and Google Camera Gets Image Capture

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Android users who have been keeping their devices up to date may have already upgraded to Google Play Services 4.4, as the powerhouse has already rolled out the update to devices worldwide.

While the main point of this device is geared for improvements for developers rather than additional features users can enjoy, there are a few add-ons like Location, Games Services, Wallet API and Mobile Ads.

NDTV reports the new API allows for the use of Street View imagery via third-party apps to further utilise the panoramic 360-degree view of an activity. Location allows for detection of running and walking, which devs can also take advantage of.

The Game Services update will allow Android users to select a number of recipients of Game Gifts, while Mobile Ads APIs are more for publishers who may want to put promo ads in-apps. The Google Wallet API is more for allowing purchase to be more easily included by developers.

Google Drive Needs New Apps for Editing

Editing shared or stored documents and spreadsheets online via the Google Drive will require two new apps now that Google has updated the service in the Play Store. According to Android Central, users now need the Sheets and Docs apps if they want to do some editing, as the Drive app now becomes solely for viewing and managing files online.

Before users say "hassle," this actually can become more convenient for those who may not have Internet connection during the time of editing. Docs and Sheets apps allow users to edit files even without Internet.

The update is pretty much a requirement the moment users try downloading a document or a spreadsheet, so expect to be prompted to download the two apps.

Image Capture While Recording Vids Now Possible for Android Devices

Another Google app that will be getting a slight revamp with a new update is the Google Camera. It brings in ability to capture a snapshot of a scene that users are also recording on video.

This newest Google Camera update (rolling out now to all Android devices) will allow the app to at least be at par once more with other camera apps that have basically similar functions. According to Phandroid, this is a return of the capability, which users can do for themselves just by tapping on the screen during the recording.

However, it may not be the best quality screenshot users can take, as it makes use of a screenshot rather than utilising hardware camera that features the full resolution specs. It's still below par with other capabilities of Android phones, like the HTC One M8 that can make use of 4 megapixels to capture the screenshot.

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